ABOUT TAXI GALLERY (now known as Abbey Taxi)

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Abbey Taxi

Taxi Gallery was a project initiated by artist, Kirsten Lavers, setting out to; provide a supportive opportunity for artists wishing to make work for the particular context that it offered and committed to an extended conversation with local and translocal audiences in response to a broad range of artworks, approaches and ideas.

Please refer to logbook section for more details on this project's development and underpinning ideas.

After over 30 exhibitions since September 2002, Taxi Gallery closed in November 2005 and has now transformed into ABBEY TAXI - a neighbourhood landmark and shelter for information, conversation and exchange. (Abbey is the name of the neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Cambridge, England in which the Taxi is situated.)

Abbey Taxi is a space open to proposals and ideas from local and translocal participants.




> 38 Stanesfield Rd, Cambridge (nr Abbey Swimming Pool) > C3 Bus from Rail Station or City Centre