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Sound Art intervention within 209Radio's RSL (Restricted Service License) FM broadcast to Cambridge for 9 days in February 2006 involving the RADIOTAXI team : Kirsten Lavers & Simon Keep as (ACE funded) artists-in-residence with cris cheek and Karl Hartland.

A curated programme of sound art and 209Shorts* throughout the week culminating in a weekend of themed radio on "Noise" and "Silence". Including a series of "Silent Interviews" with 209Radio volunteers.

pdf of sound art programming schedule

*209Shorts are all either 2'09" or 209 seconds in duration - created for the 209 RSL by the following sound artists:

Adam Bardwell Adrian Newton Alistair Weir Andrew Barber Angus Carlyle Area 13 Axel Minet Ben Carr & Coleridge College Mag Club Bouche Bee Brenna Jensen Bunty Colleen Walker cris cheek Cynthia Whelan Dansette Curtsey David de la Haye David Mell David Watt Doghead Duncan Whitley Ernesto Duarte Fireside Economy Giuseppe Rapisarda Graham Beck James Mooney Jessica Hodson Jim Jepps John Rogers Jon Roberts Kirsten Lavers Martin A Smith & Alana Pryce Mary Watson Matthew MacKisack Mercedes Soco-Alberto Corrales Mixed Up Insects Owen Green Paul Burnell Rhys Eggleton Richard Bower Robert Mackay Samuel Williams Sarah Stamp Sean O’Neill Simon Keep Susan Matthews Uncle Jim

209Radio is a broadbased volunteer run community radio station for Cambridge distinctive in its support of artists working with the medium of sound. 209Radio currently webcasts 24/7 from www.209radio.co.uk and has recently been awarded the Ofcom 5 year community radio FM license for Cambridge - due to go on air in Spring 2007.

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an evocative audio primer on ideas around silence

50 minutes of audio + 64 mp3 209Shorts

> 5 conversational meditations on Silence by a teenage heavy metal fan, a radio DJ, a journalist, a scientist and a teacher
> A performance of John Cage's 4'33" for laptops
> 'Search On Silence' by cris cheek
> An extraordinary recording of an attempt at domestic silence
> Live radio studio mixes by cris cheek, Simon Keep, Karl Hartland and Kirsten Lavers


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209Shorts Montage : 2:46:30 curated by Kirsten Lavers
FINAL DESTINATION LIVE RE-SCORE : 2:03:06 Live Foley to Channel 4's transmission of Final Destination including adverts. Foley Orchestra: Simon Keep, cris cheek, Kirsten Lavers, Karl Hartland, Peter Owen and Jimmy Possession.
Radio Art Discussion + mix : 1:53.04 Live studio chat with Kirsten Lavers, Simon Keep and cris cheek chaired by Jimmy Possesion.
Silence Day Intro : 00: 18:35 Kirsten Lavers & cris cheek
Silence Mix : 00:29:04 Kirsten Lavers, Simon Keep & cris cheek
Silence Discussion : 1:32:27 Live studio discussion chaired by cris cheek
Outside Broadcast Jesus Green Silence : 00:13.28 Karl Hartland, cris cheek & Kirsten Lavers
Final Hour 19/02/06 : 1:07:46 Fried Pudding, Holkham & Semionaside
Tony Chapman's Listening Life 14/02/06 : 1:27:30 recorded by Kirsten Lavers with Tony Chapman