Just before Xmas 1999, 1000 people received an invitation to nominate a thing of their own as being 'not worth keeping' and to suggest why this might be the case.

Following a nationwide tour and an event of dispersal at Platform Gallery (London May 2001) the Millennium Collection exists now only in the form of a 160pp full colour catalogue which contains an image of each thing and the reason or story behind its nomination.

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The catalogue is available for purchase at selected bookshops or from at £7.50 or by mail order at £6 incl. p&p

Please send a cheque made out to Things Not Worth Keeping along with a note confirming the delivery address to: Things Not Worth Keeping, 38 Stanesfield Rd, Cambridge, CB5 8NH

ISBN: 0 95 29 311 2 5








The Millennium Collection was commissioned by Small Acts At The Millennium, a series of time based projects funded by the Millennium Commission and the Arts Council of England.

The Millennium Collection catalogue and 'Not For Sale' tour of The Millennium Collection has received funding support from the Arts Council Of England National Touring Programme.







Small Acts at the Millennium is a nationwide performance project in which fourteen diverse British artists were commissioned to create small scale, site-specific works marking the personal and political resonances of the Millennium and the charged questions it raises. The artists are: Bobby Baker, Scanner, Ronald Fraser Munro, Daniel Gosling, Anonymous, Chris Dorley-Brown, Brian Catling, Ann Whitehurst, Meloni Poole, Graeme Miller, Kirsten Lavers and cris cheek, Alex Kelly and Mike Pearson. The projects themselves address such issues and experiences as personal and community histories, memory, anonymity, mental health, public space, disability, rumours and hitchhiking.

Contrasting with the epic and public nature of most Millennial events, Small Acts is a series of actions and events that will emphasise the dissident, the private, the idiosyncratic, the ephemeral and the everyday - marking aspects of experience that are marginalised or forgotten at this historical moment in measured and subversive ways.

The diverse projects created within the series has been recorded in a landmark publication, produced in collaboration with Black Dog Publications which places photographic and other documentation of the works alongside critical essays and commentaries.

Small Acts at the Millennium was curated and produced by a consortium of Tim Etchells (of Forced Entertainment, Sheffield), Lois Keidan (of Keidan/Ugwu, London) and Adrian Heathfield (University of Warwick).