we are taking these steps because words must mean what they say jack straw

a rolling programme of videographic texts:


Flotation - Wysing Arts & Cambourne Business Park - Jan 2004

Live (participatory) flip chart drawing using corporate promo video footage and a word search chart spelling out:

<flotation: is the separation of components by their different capacities to float>

at opening events for - Flotation - curated by Bev Carpenter - artist-in-residence Wysing Arts

Exhibition includes work by Jon Hayward, David Lambert, Bev Carpenter, Anne Ninivin, Gabriel Norland & TNWK

video still 1 video still 2 video still 3
video still 4 video still 5 video still 6


initial window text:

we came home only to find there was no home when you see an entire city city in ruins what can you say to the fact that your own little house is no more

projected videographic alphabet and wardrawing footage (see below) paint scratched away in response to projected images

final scratched text:

we came home only to find there was no home we came home



Total Writing London

June 2003


a series of interventions over a 36 hr period on the window of Camden People's Theatre




"Things Not Worth Keeping was worth keeping and I am glad it wasn't. It took a lot of work - text painted on windows in repeated layers until the windows were entirely covered. Projections onto and through the painted windows which brought out different visuals on each side, levels of text within the mono paint, text scraped into the text, removing it, until there was nothing there. Between sessions the workers' workwear hung from the ceiling, creating quite
an uncomfortable image for me of people hanged.
I enjoyed how the name of the group also proposed a debate about the value of what they did."

Lawrence Upton






live wardrawing onto a flip chart using video footage from the week's daily news reportage


The Foundry London 26 March 2003

as part of LLAW, curated by Brigid Mc Leer (also featuring Jane Rendell, Gillian Wylde, Jennifer Winters, Debbie Booth, Caroline Bergvall, Sharon Kivland, Redell Olsen, A S Bessa, Peggy Phelan, Wes White)




oil drawing, participatory word searches, multi - screen video projections


Dartington Gallery, Totnes Devon

March 19th - March 22nd

Working on site every day.

Open process between 6 - 8pm each day



live wardrawing in response to video projections including images from Berlin and news footage from the day's coverage of the war in Iraq




projected acrostic text, Castrol GTX Oil, and copies of: FInancial Times, Mirror, Guardian & Daily Mail



for Paper Cuts at Camden People's Theatre 12 March 2003

(also featuring, Mervyn Millar, Andy Smith, Andrea
Brady, Jerome Game, Patrizia Paolini, Richard Sanderson and COAT)